The House of Leaders

The House of Leaders is a division of Prairie Rose and South Alberta High School, that offers Becoming Player X.

  • Eligible Students must be residents of Alberta.
  • Work will be graded by teachers at Prairie Rose. An assigned teacher will be assisting you whenever you need help.
  • Your credits earned will be included on your high school transcripts and apply toward your diploma.
  • We have proudly partnered with Hockey Alberta.

The Heart of A Champion


These courses aren't just about becoming a better athlete; it's about transforming into the leader and resilient individual every team dreams of. With firsthand insights from a roster of champions; this curriculum is a masterclass in fortitude.

From the rinks to the locker rooms, and beyond the arenas, the lessons here span the critical pillars of confidence, mental toughness, and leadership. 

Engage with the stories, strategies, and hearts of champions who've faced the highs and lows, triumphs and trials, and emerged stronger.

These courses aren't just an education; it's an elevation of who you are, on and off the ice. Prepare to build the unshakable foundation of a winner's mindset.


Through a collection of candid conversations with world-class NHL and Olympic Players, along with NHL Executives and Scouts, this 26-lesson course provides life-changing knowledge for anyone that is passionate about pursuing their dreams.

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What distinguishes the good from the great players isn't just skill. It's mindset, heart, and an indomitable spirit. Learn what it takes to become the type of player and leader destined to leave a mark.


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Life for students is busy. They play sports, have passions, and are chasing down their dreams. South Alberta High School provides remote high school classes to support your schedule. With our asynchronous online courses, you can take classes from anywhere.

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