Preparing students to meet tomorrow's challenges with confidence.

3 CALM Credits

Career And Life Management

CALM is the core course for health literacy at the senior high school level in Alberta.

  Course Length: 45 lessons

  The Course Topics:  

Leadership Lessons With former NHL Coach - Willie Desjardins, and retired Navy SEAL - Clint Bruce, you will explore together and study lessons from Admiral McRaven's speech as well as lessons from the New Zealand All Blacks.   Developing Maturity And Independence. Together with Cst. Jason Van Mulligan you will learn some of the basics yet often overlooked lessons of reputation & responsibilities.   Financial and Basics of Money Management. The team at RBC will teach you the basics of financial management. We'll dive into everything that you need to know in order to give you a great understanding of money management.

5 CTS Credits

The Leader Within

The Leader Within is a 5 credit course.

  Course Length: 39 days

  **About The Course: ** Great leaders embody the characteristics and mindset that most wish to have but few consistently do. In this course you will learn from Navy SEALS and NHL Coaches that have competed, adventured, served and lived alongside some of the most amazing people in the world. Get ready to embark on possibly the most powerful high school class you'll ever take.

Up to 6 CTS Credits

Level Up

The Leader Within is a 5 credit course.

  Course Length: 60 days

  This past year has changed where and how we can work out. Many students are now working out from home. As you train from home you now have the opportunity to earn credits. Follow our program or feel free to do your own program. During the level-up course, you'll be asked to journal your training and provide insights into your immediate goals and a plan on how you'll reach them.

  The Level Up, Train From Home course will help you keep your head in the game both physically and mentally.

3 CTS Credits

Becoming Player X

Through a collection of candid conversations with world-class NHL and Olympic Players, along with NHL Executives and Scouts, this 30-day course provides life-changing knowledge for anyone that is passionate about pursuing their dreams.

  Course Length: 27 lessons